We’re the Nelson Bay children’s dentist

At Platinum Dental, we understand that it is crucial to make for the first children’s dentist experience as enjoyable and as positive as possible. We want to make sure that your child enjoys getting to know our brilliant dentists and is comfortable at all times. A pleasant first visit is important for building trust and will help your child feel at ease for future dental appointments!



Young children are particularly susceptible to tooth decay. Recent studies suggest that nearly 50% of all children aged 2 – 11 have suffered tooth decay while 30% of children aged 9 – 11 have developed cavities in their permanent teeth. One of the driving forces behind this oral health problem includes heavily sugared fruit juices and baby formula with added sugar. Breast milk also has natural sugars present which can help cause cavities in baby teeth but to a lesser extent than that of baby formula.

It is essential to care for your child’s baby teeth as soon as the first tooth erupts. We recommend that you bring your child to us for an examination no later than their first birthday. This will allow us to build trust between your child and our dentists, which can lead to a lifetime of proper oral health management.


Many kids in their teenage years face difficult challenges, and maintaining good oral hygiene can be one of those problems. We currently live in the age where sugar is added to most food products, and teenagers are one of the highest consumer age groups of fizzy drinks and lollies. It is therefore important to instill the right attitude to proper oral hygiene to avoid unnecessary discomfort in future life. Teens often listen more to their parents than we realise. Nobody wants to feel like they are nagging, but teens who are pestered by their parents are often shown to produce higher standards of oral care than those who are not. A constant reminder to eat well, brush and floss does eventually sink in!

During their visits to Platinum Dental, we will reinforce the efforts that parents have been making and coach them with best practices to maintain their healthy smile. The trust and rapport we establish with your child can be extremely effective at improving oral health, which is why it is important to continue preventative care appointments every 6 months.

School Talks

We cannot stress enough how vital prevention is in dentistry, and we love spreading the word to our future generations. If you would like us to visit your child’s school for an Oral Health Education talk, please contact us here or call us on 02 4981 1755.

When should our first children’s dentist appointment be?

It is recommended that a child’s first dental visit occurs soon after the eruption of their first few baby teeth or by the age of 1.

How does Platinum Dental deal with anxious children?

It is natural for a child to be fearful of the unknown, but rest assured they are in expert hands at Platinum Dental. Our children’s dentists have a wealth of experience treating kids of all ages and states of anxiety. We will encourage your child to ask questions and discuss any fears they feel. This is so we can calmly reassure them about the treatment that is going to be undertaken. We aim to ensure that your child has a positive experience, one that makes them actively look forward to their next visit with us, rather than dread it.

What happens during a child’s first dental appointment?

It is vital to create a positive impression with your child, so very often, the first visit is short and straightforward. It is important for us to focus on getting to know your child and making the consult enjoyable while sharing some basic information about standard dental care. We provide a comprehensive examination of your child’s teeth and address any findings with you and answer any questions you may have. We will also give advice on maintaining proper oral hygiene that is age-specific to your children, such as dietary advice or brushing techniques.

Simple Tips For Healthier Teeth

Oral hygiene for your child

Good oral health is essential for dental patients of any age, but especially for children. Kids should be encouraged to take responsibility for their oral care from a young age. This has been shown to dramatically reduce the need for restorative work in adult life.

Tips for Brushing

It is crucial that your child is taught how to brush their teeth from a young age. The toothbrush should be held at a 45-degree angle to the teeth/gum line, and a gentle circular motion is used to brush all sides of the teeth. We will happily demonstrate to during your children’s dentist appointment the correct technique and amount of pressure to apply. We recommend that parents are regimented about ensuring their children maintain this oral health care at home. As teeth should be brushed at least 2 times a day.


Similar to brushing, it is far easier to imprint good habits from an early age. Daily flossing is essential for removing food particles that get stuck between teeth, where your toothbrush may not reach. We will also happily demonstrate the best techniques for flossing to you and your child.