Our state of the art Planmill also allows us to manufacture same day veneers for our patients.

What is a dental veneer?

Dental veneers are a quick, simple, and comfortable way to transform the look of a tooth to achieve a beautiful smile with minimal fuss.

A veneer is a very thin layer of material that is placed over the front surface of a tooth to change the tooth’s appearance. A veneer can be used to improve the colour, size, and/or shape of a single or multiple teeth. A veneer can also be used to protect the surface of a tooth.

Minimal and no-prep veneers

Most veneers require a little bit of tooth preparation before they can be placed. A tiny layer is removed from the front surface of the tooth, which allows the veneers to look natural and not add bulk when placed on the toot.

In some instances, our dentists can make cosmetic changes to the patient’s smile using extremely thin veneers, which are known as no-prep veneers. As their name suggests, no-prep veneers require no tooth preparation at all. Our dentists will be able to tell you if these are an option for you after your cosmetic evaluation.

Dental Veneers in one day

Using our In-clinic milling unit (Planmill), your porcelain veneers can be manufactured in a few hours. Same day veneers eliminate the need for repeat appointments or the necessity to wear temporary solutions while you wait. This saves our patients both time and expense.

Our veneers procedure

Our Dentists take great care at each step of the process to ensure your veneers are beautifully designed and long-lasting to ensure that you will be completely happy with the results.

What does the treatment involve?

  • Most teeth require a local anaesthetic to numb the tooth to make the procedure pain free and comfortable for you.
  • Space for the veneer to sit flush with your existing teeth is made by removing a tiny amount of the tooth surface.
  • A digital dental scanner is used to record the shape of the tooth, and the data is sent to a computer where the veneer is designed.
  • The veneer is made on-site using the Planmeca Planmill and cemented the same day.
  • The veneer is cemented onto your existing tooth with a ”dental adhesive”.

How to care for same day veneers

It is important to maintain good oral hygiene and maintain regular visits to your dentist every 6 months to extend the longevity of your veneers.

We recommend:

  • Avoid smoking – this will stain your veneers the same way that tobacco stains your regular teeth
  • Avoid biting your fingernails or other hard objects like ice
  • Avoid using your teeth to open packaging

Certain food types can also cause discolouration of your veneers such as coffee, tea, or red wine. Although porcelain is stain-resistant, these food types can darken the dental cement and teeth underneath your veneer.