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Did you know that you can tap into your superannuation funds for dental implant procedures? For individuals who may struggle to afford urgent or necessary dental treatments, applying for early release on compassionate grounds can be a viable option.

Eligibility and Application Process:

The option to apply for early release of superannuation on compassionate grounds is available to
anyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, or background. As long as your superannuation account holds
sufficient funds to cover the required treatment for yourself or a dependent, you can explore this
avenue. Dependents can include spouses, children, or individuals who rely on your financial support.

To initiate the process, you will need to submit an application, and our team of experts at Platinum
Dental can guide you through each step, ensuring a seamless journey. Once your application is lodged, it
typically takes approximately four weeks for the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to approve it.
Following approval, the superfund typically takes around two weeks to release the funds. Thus, the
entire process, from application to funds release, is usually completed within six weeks.

Managing dental expenses can be challenging, especially when urgent or necessary treatments are
required. However, accessing superannuation funds for dental implants can provide a viable solution. By
following the process outlined and obtaining the necessary documentation, individuals can leverage
their superannuation savings to address dental needs promptly and efficiently. Take control of your
dental expenses today by exploring the option of accessing your superannuation funds. View our smile
gallery to see the benefits firsthand.