Dr. Huw Morgan

Hello there! I’m Huw, and since I was a child, my dream was to become a doctor, just like my mother and father. I used to sit at the dinner table, completely captivated by the stories of how they helped people’s health and well-being. But, you know what they say about life—sometimes it takes you on unexpected journeys.

During work experience while applying for university, I had a rather embarrassing moment. I fainted at the sight of blood! It shook my confidence, and I ended up shifting my focus to dentistry—hey, no blood in that field, right?

Since 2015, my family and I have found our forever home in beautiful Port Stephens. Over the years, I’ve worked hard to build a reputation as a caring and empathetic dentist. I genuinely care about my patients and believe in providing them with the best care possible.

My relaxed and easy-going attitude helps me communicate effectively with patients from all walks of life, whether they’re anxious or seeking complex cosmetic dentistry. With over 17 years of experience under my belt, I take pride in creating tailor-made treatment plans for each individual.

One aspect of dentistry that I enjoy is root canal therapy. I’m also a big fan of digital dentistry, which allows me to work with the latest technologies to restore smiles with precision and efficiency.

Outside of work, I’m a family man with a wonderful wife and two awesome daughters. Whenever I get a chance, you’ll find me out fishing on my kayak or tinny, enjoying the serenity of the bay. I absolutely love the sense of community spirit here, and if you ever see me around town or at the pub, please feel free to come say hello!