gareth morgan

Gareth Morgan

Hi there, my name is Gareth Morgan and I am the joint owner of Platinum Dental. I am married to Dr Victoria Lane and people often mistake me for my brother Dr Huw Morgan. When I was younger I wanted to be wizard. When I was slightly older I wanted to copy my parents and become a Medical Doctor. Through some misadventure I found myself at University studying dentistry, which surprisingly I did not enjoy. I transferred course and graduated with a 1st class degree in Biosciences. During this time I had also done conservation work on coral reefs near Honduras and travelled extensively around Australia on a working holiday visa. As much fun as it was spending time in Honduras (murder capital of the world) I decided that Australia was a preferable place to emigrate too. I now live in Medowie and have no wish to ever move back to the UK.

In 2010 I met Victoria and in 2011 we had already moved to Australia together.

I handle a lot of the business side of things with Platinum Dental so you will often see me in the dental clinic and most likely think I’m my brother Huw but fortunately for everyone I am not going to be treating anyone anytime soon!

I love spending time with my family and doing the occasional fishing trip if I can spare the time. If you see me in the clinic feel free to say hello!