Why wait weeks for your dental crowns, bridges or veneers when you can have them in only one visit?

At Platinum Dental, we fabricate single-day restorations that provide a perfect, long-lasting fit.

Traditional dental restorations require two or even three visits, as well as a waiting period of over two weeks before the dentist can even attach the permanent crown or bridge to your teeth.

With advancements in modern dentistry, your tooth restorations can now be fabricated on the same day inside our dental clinic.

We are the only practice in Port Stephens to utilise Planmeca Planmill technology to produce same day restorations using a method known as Cad/Cam.

What is Cad/Cam dentistry?

Cad/Cam is an abbreviation for computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. Cad/Cam is used in dentistry for the manufacture of a number of different dental products including, Crowns, veneers, dentures, and bridges.

Cad/cam dentistry requires 3 main components

  • A Digital scanner
  • Digital design software
  • A dental milling machine

All of these are essential in the digital process of fabricating your custom dental crown, bridge, and veneers.

Same day restorations

The use of digital technology and our Planmeca milling machine allows the entire process for your new restoration to be completed on the same day. All steps of the process can be done digitally, from scanning your teeth to the design and manufacturing stage. Not only is the process faster, but the results are far more accurate than traditional methods for creating crowns and bridges. The end result is a restoration that looks natural and will be long-lasting.

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