The Benefits of Clear Aligners for Adults

As people get older, they need more practical solutions to health and cosmetic problems. People have more responsibilities nowadays. There is less time for complicated and time-consuming therapies and treatments, which can also be bothersome. At platinum dental, we provide personalised clear aligners tailored to each patient’s needs. Clear aligners have become very popular. They are aesthetic and a pleasant orthodontic treatment alternative.

up close clear aligners

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners or “clear braces” are orthodontic devices that align and straighten teeth and help position them about a person’s bite. Aligners also attempt to improve dental health. They can reduce underbites, overbites, open bites, gaps, deep bites, crossbites, crooked teeth, and other dental and jaw flaws. Braces can be cosmetic or structural. Dental braces are used with other orthodontic appliances.

A teeth alignment treatment for adults

Adult orthodontic patients seek esthetic and comfortable alternatives to traditional fixed devices. Clear aligners offer a more good-looking and comfortable treatment experience. Also, they improve oral hygiene and cause less pain than fixed orthodontic appliances. They also reduce the number and duration of dental check-ups and need fewer emergency visits.

How do clear aligners work?

The transparent aligner method aligns arches to moderate cases and reduces buccolingual inclinations. First, however, patients need to understand how different treatments work to make the right choice when having more than one option.

The tooth movement mechanism with clear aligners happens in two ways: displacement-driven and force-driven systems. The displacement-driven system controls simple movements such as tipping or minor rotations. Orthodontists make aligners based on the tooth’s position in the next staged location. The tooth will move until it “aligns” with the aligner.

On the other hand, the force-driven system necessitates biomechanical principles to ease tooth movement. Therefore, aligners are intended to apply desired forces on the tooth.

What do clear braces look like?

The shape of the aligners isn’t always the same as the tooth’s shape. The software determines the amount of movement required for each tooth—the mechanics of the movement and the aligner’s shape. Pressure points or power ridges are used to change the geometry of the aligner to apply the required forces.

The system is then supplemented with smart force attachments. These attachments are small composite bulges designed to generate a force system favorable for the intended movement. Their position and shape are determined by software based on the desired direction. Force and pushes the teeth out of their normal place. Aligners can also perform tooth extrusion on a group of teeth.

Some of the benefits of clear aligners

Aesthetics: the aligners are invisible at more than 0.5 m. They are also undetectable, allowing patients to wear them in social situations and public workspaces. They are the best alternative to lingual braces (the only 100 percent aesthetic option).

Ease of use: on teeth with crowns, bridges, or enamel issues like amelogenesis imperfect.

Hygiene: users can remove the aligner for tooth brushing and cleaning, making hygiene and maintenance easier. Also, there is no enamel decalcification, as with traditional orthodontics.

They can reduce overbite: the aligner helps deprogram the jaw and prevents overbite, though this is not a permanent solution.

It is critical to be in the hands of skilled professionals who can assess if aligners are the best treatment option for the patient. And it is vital for the patient to be consistent and use their aligners for at least 22 hours per day.

Are direct-to-customer aligners recommended?

Tooth movement accelerates bone loss and increases cavity size in the presence of gum disease or cavities. Companies that sell aligners are not responsible for your oral health before, during, or after treatment. You are responsible for any medical issues or treatment that does not go as planned. We always recommend in-office diagnosis and treatment for better and safer results.