The Insider’s guide to Implant-retained Dentures

So many options available for recreating your smiles, yet there’s one that works best for you. At Platinum Dental, we will forever urge you to find that one orthodontist you trust and feel comfortable with who will properly diagnose and recommend a special treatment for your smile. A specialist will give you the right information and options for your specific case, and a great one will make all the difference when intervening with your smile. Keep reading to learn what implant-retained dentures are, the treatment procedure, and their health and appearance benefits. 😉

What are implant-supported dentures?

Implant retained dentures are a kind of denture placed on the patient’s jaw for teeth replacement. This denture is retained or supported on previously placed dental implants for stability. 2 to 6 dental implants per axle can hold one whole denture.

Implant retained dentures procedure

The placement of dental implants can be painful. Therefore, the specialist may place the denture after the implants have properly been set and the patient’s jaw has healed.

So, in a nutshell, these are the three basic steps of the treatment:
1. Placing the dental implants.
2. Healing of the jaw and integration of the implant
3. Denture placement

denture mouth model

Of course, depending on each patient, additional treatment may be required, such as pain relievers or anti-swelling medication. Also, suppose you’re wondering how long this procedure will take. In that case, it all depends on your healing process and what’s best for you, and the professional’s methods for the treatment. The integration of the implants in the bone may take from 4 to 6 months.

There are two types of implant-retained dentures


Implant-retained dentures require more implants than removable ones because the denture is permanently attached to the implants and requires more stabilization. However, implant-retained dentures feel much more natural than removable dentures and completely restore chewing quality.


Removable implant-retained dentures need fewer implants. Four dental implants hold an upper denture, allowing the plate to be shrunk or removed from the denture. Two implants placed beneath a lower denture can increase stability and chewing efficiency by up to 90%. Four implants can restore up to 100 percent of normal chewing efficiency. Removable dentures are also simpler to clean and care for.

Implant denture’s benefits and why they are worth it

a lady smiling with dentures

  • They work as a permanent replacement,
  • You’ll need fewer dentist visits
  • Minimum in-office care needed
  • A stunning, natural-like smile
  • A comfortable, durable, and strong set of teeth
  • It protects gums and bones

Implant-retained dentures have transformed tooth replacement. They’ve solved the patients’ need to fix their smiles due to tooth loss, providing them comfort, stability, and a pleasant-looking set of teeth. This orthodontic cosmetic treatment is a worthwhile idea for all its health and cosmetic benefits.

Cost of implant retained dentures

Implant retained dentures can be an affordable choice. It is not as costly as full implant dentures and is much more efficient than traditional dentures placed with adhesives. In addition, this treatment, as previously stated, does not require any special maintenance other than basic hygiene habits and removing the denture before cleaning.

Once the denture is placed and the jaw heals from the implant setting, there is no special follow-up with the dentist unless there is pain or swelling. Also, it is important to remove the denture from your mouth every night, not just for cleaning, but to let the gums rest from having the denture on during the day.

Implant retained dentures help avoid bad experiences or pain while eating, talking, and smiling, and a more enjoyable life with less doctor time. However, It’s always good to have a professional be aware of any discomfort you may feel. But, for sure, you will no longer need interventions on your mouth regularly.

Retained dentures may be a wonderful alternative if you’re looking for a dental replacement! Contact us to schedule your initial check-up.